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Welcome to Inazuma Eleven Fanon Wiki, a Wiki dedicated to the Manga and Anime Franchise of Inazuma Eleven created by Tenya Yabuno and published by Shogakukan. This Wiki aims to collect and showcase Inazuma Eleven Fanon Wiki information and all related media. Please don't hesitate to make or edit any articles you wish!

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The Story so Far

Endou Mamoru is a cheerful goalkeeper in Raimon Jr High, with six other players in the team. But there was a day when the team was almost lead to disbandment by Natsumi unless they are to win the match against the Teikoku Gakuen, currently the best team of Japan. He tried to save the club by gathering four more players to the team. In the second series, Endou and Raimon had to gather players from all over Japan to defeat the new enemies, Aliea Gakuen. In the third series, the Football Frontier International was announced, and Inazuma Japan was assembled, the coach being Kudou Michiya.

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Fei Rune (フェイルーン) est l'un des protagonistes de la série et du jeu Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone. Il joue en tant qu'attaquant pour Raimon. Il vient tout droit du futur, pour épauler Arion et ses amis. Il est assez mystérieux. Quelles sont ses véritables intentions ?

Pour en savoir plus: Fei Rune

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